Why Education Is Needed In Recent Era ? : Short Essay On Education

Why Education Is Important In Recent Era ?  Short Essay On Education 

Short Essay On Education – Importance of Education – Education is basic need of every person in technological world. Perhaps it is the most necessary condition but not sufficient one. People can live without education but those people have to find another way to work hard. Education is the easiest medium to get all wealth in your life.

Short Essay On Education - Importance of Education

Education doesn’t belong to gender or religion or country.it is same for everyone everywhere. Education is positive thing through which you can get lot of information. Education is one construction element of our life. People get educated through college, universities , books and TV. Today person is valued by his/her education. But some people don’t get educated as they don’t have source of that or as they are not willing ti get educated.

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For education, in India Government has developed many acts. These are especially for women and children.goverment of India strictly believes that if child will be educated then and then growth of the country will be done. Even though some people don’t educate their children because they consider their children as a way of earning money. For labour child Gov. has declared free education everywhere but still people don’t give importance to it.problem is not with the technology , problem is with people who don’t use opportunity what they have.

Education for women is equally important as they it is for men. Country is well developed when all citizens are equally educated.Emaphasis on women education is going on but still people in rural areas don’t prefer women education.

India is now reaching towards technological world. We are using abroad technology to develop our country. And it can be applied to education too. Education in rural areas can be shared using remote sensing technology or now days many applications are available for educating one’s self. Internet is the best technology to learn knowledge of different things.

It is the truth that Education is must thing of Any Country. Any Country is developed when their citizens are educated. Knowledge is growth and growth is education.

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