Cricket My Favorite Game Essay, Article , Speech

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My Favourite Game Cricket

Cricket My Favorite Game Essay, Article , Speech : Sports have much importance in our life as well as on national and international level. If one ask what is the most healthier activity for a person to keep himself fresh, the answer can be “the sports” because if someone play any outdoor game, his every part of the body takes part, even the brain, as a result the person is more active and fresh. Many games are played on international level and many are native to only few areas , for example, Cricket, volleyball , football, hockey, basketball, badminton , tennis etc  are the kind of sports which are played on international level, while, kabbadi, Rugby, jai alai and many more are the games native to few regions.

My Favorite Game Cricket Essay, Article , Speech

What is Cricket ? How Cricket Discovered ?

Cricket is one of the most played games in the world. People not only like cricket but they love it. It was first started in 16th century in England and first played by the Prince Edward. Then it spread over the world gradually. It is the game which is played by using a bat and a ball between two teams of 11 members each. Rules of the this game are not very complex that’s why, even a child can play it. It is the most favorite game in sub continent. This game was introduced the English government before the independence and gradually it became the part of the culture of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Why Cricket is My Favorite Game?

Many international matches are played each year and they are arranged and approved by ICC (international cricket council). ICC is responsible for making the rules and regulations of the cricket and to permit the teams to play on international level. The higher degree completion is “world cup” which is held after every four year between high ranked teams and hosted by a different country each time.World cup is my  favorite tournament.

Conclusion on Cricket My Favorite Sport

This game is now very much affected by the bullies and corrupts and this entertainment is becoming the source of criminal acts by the last few years. ICC should take steps to control such acts, so that the spectators can enjoy a good game every time.It is a hard however simple game if practiced on regular basis. I too, very fond of playing the cricket and play daily in the evening in the playground near my house. My parents are very helpful and motivate me always to play the game very well.

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